There are hundreds of video templates on Intro Maker, and each one has hand-written keywords. Some of these keywords have special meaning ("logo" or "title"), while some are just meant to be descriptive. Having descriptive keywords makes it easier to show you similar videos when you're browsing through the library, but it can also be handy if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Total Keywords: 668

The most popular keyword across all video templates is logo, which matches 248 videos.

Logo vs Text

There are currently 248 Logo Templates compared to just 127 Text Templates.

Logo Types

Square: 178

Circle: 188

Dark vs Light

There are currently 138 Dark Templates compared to just 68 Light Templates.


2D vs 3D

There are currently 29 3D Templates compared to just 25 2D Templates. There are also 28 Flat Templates, which is a common synonym for 2D.

Fire vs Ice

There are currently 26 Fire Templates compared to just 7 Ice Templates. Hot & Cold perform similarly, with 14 Hot Templates to 11 Cold Templates.

Most Popular Keywords

Everything Else: 630 Keywords

Subtitle Title Intro Particles Customizable Color Outro Screen Titles Game Colorful Explosion Film Flat Video Reveal Games Broadcast Cyberpunk Bright Red Smoke Computer Burst Corporate Abstract 80s Anime Energy Flame Movie Pink Flare Colors Shape Horror Water Laser Clean Photo Speed Breaking Vhs Happy Cute Earth World Globe Science Fantasy Ad Lightning Night Paint Elegant Art Snow Modern Motion Festive Adventure Electric Cinematic Streak Action Impact Crypto Mysterious Cloud Outrun Electricity Bold Update Headline Winter Multiline Fireworks Shiny New year Luxury Car Mystery Grid Chill War Map Fashion Grain Spooky Liquid Code Assemble Golden Storm Photograph Underwater Cars Spiral Mosaic Photos Celebration Sparks Future Photographs Announcement Magic Social Montage Zoom Fun Burn Promo Battle Organic Nature Burning Swirl Intense Synth Shapes Saturated Fireball Sky Tile Shatter Drop Embers Girl Heat Cartoon Sketch Warp Fortnite Minecraft Creepy Teleport Futuristic Transition Bar Stormy Bokeh Kinetic Molecule Star Virtual Scary Stars Galaxy Graph Hex Architect Bitcoin Synthwave Long Wireframe Animation Engineer Marketing City Web Metal Hud Technical Search Engineering Background Steel Vintage Wiggle Rotate Stroke Brush Dreamy Girly Slam Gamer Pieces Virus Holographic Frozen Polished Medical Frame Sparkle Slide Tv Television Urban Monitor Data Drive Old Coin Lines Building Paper Blockchain Ground Glass Greeting Chip Cyberspace Pathogen Cryptocurrency Race Cosmic Hyperspeed Celestial Circuit Security Craft Weight Weights Architecture Strength Weightlifting Arena Weight training Lift Lifting Strong Exercise Gym Sketchy Biology Microscope Biological Germ Sign Quote Rain Lights Card Ui Shadow Shift Engine Love Calm Internet Spark Slice Graphic Reflection Cut Blur Explosive Interface Romance Movement Static Rainbow Bounce Heavy Factory Chart Industrial Weld Handheld Finance Animated Design Stock Pencil Stocks Spinning Style Sparkling Draft Drawing Illustration Vivid Ghost Plans Racing Flicker Medieval Portal Blast Explode Ocean Blob Restaurant Subscribe History Ancient Halloween Fog Btc Dream Electronics Accelerator Customize Plan Structure Blueprints Blueprint Upbeat Console Sun Device Gadget Programming Teaser Retrowave Vortex Smoky Heart Online Website Moody Splatter Violent Science fiction Hologram Seasonal Lake Desert Magical Sand Electrical Maze Spotlight Mountains Fishing Alpha Silver Chrome Ominous Fabric Hype Performance Event Events Concert Flow Cloth Electronic Ethereum Announce Microchip Solid 30 second Media Like Wood Peaceful Military Hazy Classic Haze Stomp Faded Muted Combat Shock Guns Fighting Sea Wind Army Viking Revolve Interstitial Tunnel Graveyard Smash Exotic Spotlights Make Maker Youtube Woodworking Etch Ice.frozen Favorite River Comic Comic book Crash Brick Freeze Zen Inspiring Grit Stadium Atmospheric Atmosphere Grunge Transitions Credit Credits Vector Metallic Activity Holiday Grime Line Tree Road Dots Christmas Node Sport Break Wave Camera Splat Broken Image Crafts Painting Stone Watercolor Awards Progress Loading Software Timelapse Time-lapse Flip Bubbles Ripple Geometry Outside Miami Dingy Beam Panther Hacker Icy Wedding Mitten Lava lamp 70s Blink Stylish Gear Rectrangle Edit Dissolve Reactangle Ticker Album Hybrid Playful Store Net Wormhole Domination Mining Gears Formation Projection Review Billboard Floor Makeup Font Blocky Company Fish Boat Boating Sparkles Sinister Camping Hiking Transmission Grungy Offroading Plane Waterfall Advertisement Rooftop Grainy Machine Suspense Roof Wall Arc Production Glyph Vs Vertices Lava Curves Keys Circles Macro Silent Concrete Forge Grayscale Spray paint Graffiti Tag Depth Dance Aurora Landscape Electronica Trees Easter Spring Garden Flowers Fairy Traffic Type Roblox Forest Blizzard Xmas Holidays Greeting card Championship Custom Dj Guitar Plant Papercraft Anniversary Valentine Scene Sweet Slogan Programmer Past Blood Antique Sepia Rays Aged Chemistry Astronomy Proposal Gritty Ecommerce Skyscraper Packaging Shipping Box Boxes Swish Crackle Busy Bloody Metropolis Cheer Practical Ash Dramatic Gross Gore Illustrated Grow Versus Play Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Human Hands Firework Wispy Roller coaster Swamp Distortion Funk Groove Spectral Haunted Paranormal Zombie Marsh Spot Ooze Grey Focus Landing Boom Bomb Gamers Stretch Bog Cell Classy Nurse Doctor Medicine Ekg Heartbeat Swing Sales Hacking Diving Cozy Warm Street race Street Asphalt Hackers Dive Natural Sunlight Swimming Geometric Weird Swap Polygonal Blown Mindfulness Swipe Animate Webinar Silk Lasers Features Faith Wings Loud Matrix Triangles Dub Vibrate Twinkle Picture Pictures Summer Mural