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Add Some Fun and Professionalism With Our Animated Intro Makers!

You put a ton of time and energy into planning, shooting, and editing your videos. And yet, you can’t quite get the intros or outros right. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your next upload pops, you’ve come to the right place. You can add some fun and professionalism all at once using our animated intro video templates!

These intro video templates feature fun, animated designs that you can customize with your very own logo and text. From there, you can edit this opening clip into your video before uploading—just watch how your viewers react to this nice touch! It will be well worth it.

Whether you plan on using these as an intro or an outro, or a transition throughout the video—one thing is for sure. There is no better choice than Intro Maker when it comes to online video templates!

Are These Animated Intro Makers Really The Best Choice?

You’ve got all sorts of options when it comes to animated intro makers online, but only one of these is the right choice. Intro Maker.

The quality of intro templates at Intro Maker is unrivaled. We feel confident in saying you won’t find a better choice online - not in this price range, at least! Our templates are incredibly cost-effective, so you don’t have to go over your budget trying to get tge perfect intro. For just $5, you can get your hands on a custom-made animated video intro template—how crazy is that?

With so many different styles to choose from, you're certain to find the perfect intro for your unique video. These range from comic-style fonts to more stylish, sophisticated options. Whether your video is fun and playful or serious, you’ll find a template that fits the theme here.

How To Get Started With Our Animated Intro Makers

Are you ready to use one of our animated video intro templates today? Awesome! Getting started is super straightforward. We’re assuming you’ve already found the perfect template—go ahead and hit the "customize" button.

From there, you’ll have to fill in a few prompts and give us your information. You can upload your logo into the animation, fill out your own text, pick some colors, and even add your own audio track (customizations will vary from template to template). If you’re using this as an intro, it will probably be the name of the video or something to that effect. As an outro, try using a call to action: "like and subscribe" is pretty common.

Whatever the case, we’ll provide you with a preview of your animated video intro templates in just a few moments—lightning fast. Assuming you approve it (we’re sure you’re going to love the intro!), we will provide you with the HD rendering in just a few short hours.

How easy is that?

Find All The Other Video Intro Templates You Need Today!

Intro Maker has great options for animated intro videos, but tehre's also a lot more to see! No matter what your Twitch stream or YouTube channel is about, there are video templates for you. We’ve even got intro templates for businesses looking to market their product or service! Here are some of our most popular offerings:

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