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BREAKING NEWS. Or, really, any news. Maybe even a status update. If you've got something you want to share and it's news to your audience, these are the intro video templates you're looking for!

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Captivate Your Audience Out of the Gate With Our Breaking News Intro Maker!

If you're looking for a breaking news intro maker, you're in luck—your search ends here! Intro Maker has the best video templates online. With so much variety to choose from, you'll have no problem finding the perfect fit for your content. When it comes to sharing fresh new content, you want to make sure your audience actually sees it. That's where our breaking news intro maker comes in.

These animated video templates will captivate your audience and draw them in for the rest of your video, but they also make great segment intros if you want to weave some news content into your longer videos. This is the perfect way to hook your viewer to ensure they watch through all the way to the end.

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your content. If you want to convey professionalism and excitement, then what are you waiting for? Pick your intro template today and customize it to fit your channel—you'll be glad you did!

Why Intro Maker's Breaking News Intro Maker is the #1 Choice for Content Creators

With thousands of satisfied customers, it should come as no surprise that we're the #1 choice for content creators like you who have better things to do than build videos from scratch. Why is that, though?

Simple—our quality and variety are unmatched, and we make the process easier and more affordable than anywhere else. What more could you ask for?

The intro templates in this breaking news collection feature flashy, eye-catching graphic designs and bold text that pops off the screen. If it's enticing intro templates you're after, you'll find them here—no doubt about it.

The variety that you'll find is one of the biggest reasons content creators keep coming back for more! We have templates ranging from as short as 5 seconds to over 20 seconds across a ton of different styles that are sure to fit your channel.

Just take a look around yourself and see these templates in action. By clicking on each one, you get to see firsthand what each breaking news intro looks like. Once you find the perfect fit, here's how to get started:

How Our News Video Intro Maker Works

Using our breaking news intro maker is as simple as it gets. Browse around our catalog of video templates until you've come across the video that calls your name. From there, you can click "customize" and make it your own. Our customization wizard will let you upload your logo and edit any other details like text, audio, and sometimes colors. You don't even need an account to create previews.

Your customizations will be sent to a high-powered render farm. Within a few minutes, you'll get back a preview of your video intro. This low-quality proof is just meant to give you an idea of what a full render would look like (without waiting around for an HD render).

Once you're happy, create an account or sign in (I need your email to send you your video). Choose your final video quality and submit your payment info, and the full HD version will start the HD render process. I'll email you as soon as it's ready for download (most templates render in a few minutes, but complicated animations can take several hours when rendering at 4k).

If you need a bunch of videos, check out our subscription plans. They'll give you a huge discount compared to paying for single videos.

Find the Perfect Intro Template for Your Next Video Today!

All that's left to do at this point is pick your intro maker style and personalize it for your own content. While our breaking news intro maker is definitely one of our most popular categories for giving channel updates or making announcements, it's just one of the many options you have when browsing here. Some other popular categories include:

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