Intro Maker - Help

Quick Start

Creating a customized video with Intro Maker is really easy. Follow these steps to have a new intro video in minutes.

  • Browse the videos on the homepage, select a category from the top bar or add a search term to find exactly what you need.
  • Once you've found a video you like, click on "Customize This Video" at the bottom.
  • You will now be taken through the customization steps to customize each text, image and audio available in the video.
  • For text customizations you'll see the frame of the video that will be customized, alongside an input field for you to enter the new text to go in that location. Remember, there is a maximum of 50 characters when customizing text.
  • For images, you will be shown the frame of the video containing the image that will be replaced by the one you choose to upload. Simply click the "Choose File" button and choose the image from your computer. It must be a valid image file (PNG, JPG, GIF) and no more than 20mb in size.
  • After each customization you can click the "Next Step" button at the bottom to continue. Feel free to also go back and update your customizations with the "Previous Step" button. Don't worry, you're customizations so far will be saved.
  • For the audio customization, you can choose to leave the original audio, choose a library file or upload your own. Just pick the option from the dropdown menu and either select the library file (which will play automatically) or upload your own file. Uploaded audio must be MP3 or WAV files up to 20mb in size.
  • For color customizations simply click on the button relating to the component you wish to change the color and a color picker will pop up. Choose your new color and close the color picker and repeat for all colors you wish to change.
  • When you have reached the last customization option, the "Next Step" button will be replaced with the "Submit Customizations" button. Click this button to start the video rendering process.
  • Now wait! It usually takes 2-3 minutes or so for us to render a preview video with your customizations. Once it is ready, the video will automatically load and play.
  • If you're happy with your video you can choose the "Download Video" button to order the HD version of the video.
  • The order process is straightforward too. Simply select the version of the video you would like and add your email address (or Login) and click "Order Now".
  • This will take you to a secure payments page where you can fill out your credit card details and submit payment.
  • Once payment is complete we will begin processing your HD video. Because we are rendering in full high quality HD this can sometimes take around 2 hours to complete.
  • As soon as your video is finished we'll send you an email with a download link.


We create intro videos for you to use on your youtube channels, vimeo videos, personal websites, and anywhere else you'd like. Our intro designer allows you to customize our video templates quickly and easily by adding your own images, text and audio.

Choosing a video

We have lots of videos for you to choose from. You can find videos by browsing through all the pages of videos right from the home page. You can also use the Category selection from the top of the page to narrow down your video choices. Finally, we have a search bar where you can search by video name or keywords to find your perfect video. If you can't find what you're looking for don't worry, we're always adding new videos so check back in a week or two.

Customizing Images

If a video template contains images, you'll be given the option to customize those images during the customization process. The frame of the video containing the image to replace is shown, plus an input field with a button to "Choose File" from your computer to replace that image. We accept all valid image formats including PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, AI, EPS and suggest using a high resolution version (e.g. 1920x1080) of the image for the best possible results. The image can be no larger than 20 megabytes in size.
Sometimes we find certain images don't quite fit in the right location in the video and this can be for a number of reasons. If your image is an unusual shape, for example very wide but low height, it may either be shrunken down to fit the video frame or possibly go outside of the frame. In these cases we suggest resizing the image to a more conventional rectangular shape or using a different image. If you still can't get it to work, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Customizing Text

Most video templates offer the chance to customize some of the text that appears during the video. For each text that is customizable you will be shown the frame of the video where the text appears plus an input box to fill in your replacement text. Replacement text is limited to 50 characters so that it will fit into most video templates.

Customizing Audio

Video templates offer a choice of audio options for you to customize. Most videos are designed with original audio that suits the video design well and you are free to keep the original audio by selecting the option from the dropdown menu during customization. You can also choose an audio track from our library using the same dropdown menu. Choosing a library file will open the audio player allowing you to play the audio alongside the video template to get an idea of how well it goes together. Finally, you can upload your own audio file for usage. Audio must be MP3 or WAV files only and a maximum of 20 megabytes in size.

Customizing Colors

Some of our video templates have extra option customizations allowing you to change the color of some video components. If your video has this option it will show up as you step through the customization process. You'll be presented with a list of colored components that show what video component is customizable and what its current color is. Selecting any of the componets will open a color picker for you to chose a new color. This step is entirely optional and you are free to leave the colors as originally designed.

Previewing your customizations

At the end of the customization process you can click "Submit Customization" to save your customizations and submit them for processing. We process a preview video containing all of your changes for you to view. This process can take 2-3 minutes and we ask that you remain on the page and wait for it to finish. Our preview videos are always done with low quality settings in order to render the video very fast. This means the quality of the video is not 100% representative of the final version of the video. The final video will be much clearer and cleaner. The preview video is intended for you to see how your customizations look in the video template. If you like the preview video you can order a full HD version of the video by clicking the "Download Video" button.


Once you've created a preview video and are happy with it, the next step is to order the HD version. We offer all of our videos in crystal clear 1080p High Definition, encoded as an h.264 MP4. The order process is just like many other ecommerce websites, just add your payment details and email address and we'll take care of the rest


Paying for the video is very simple. We use Stripe to handle our payments and they provide a secure payment form for you to fill in your credit card details. Simply add your credit card number, expiry, CVV and Zip/Postal code into the form and Stripe will handle the rest. Once the payment is completed by Stripe, we then start the HD video rendering process.


An Intro Maker account is not required to create preview videos however will be needed to order full HD videos. Your account allows you to view a list of your past video orders as well as download current orders when they are complete. It offers a convenient way to re-order videos as well.

An account will be automatically created for you if you decide to order a HD video. The email address used when ordering is used as your login ID and a temporary password is generated. An email will be sent containing your temporary password and we recommend changing the password as soon as possible after logging in.

If you already have an account, you must login during the order process before continuing with the order.