December Featured Keyword: Dark

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prompt: "a black hole in the skies over Atlanta, winter vibes"

December Featured Keyword: Dark

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it can be hard to find ways to fill the time. With so many things to do in the summertime, it can be tricky to figure out what you're going to do when daylight savings time ends and winter returns. But worry not! Here are 9 video templates you can use when it gets dark early:

Featured Templates for December 2022

It's getting dark EARLY these days (thanks DST), so for the month of December I'm featuring dark intro video templates. Why these nine? Nine featured templates fills out a 3x3 grid perfectly!

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Dark Panther - Logo

A smoky neon panther runs across the screen, revealing your logo and subtitle.

Streaks - Logo

One of my best-sellers, now updated with an (optional) subtitle.

Stormy Seas

A title and subtitle hovering over dark, stormy seas.

Quick Glitch Titles

Great short intro for movie productions.

Glitch Ver 3 - Logo

Short glitchy logo reveal.

Glitch Ver 1 - Logo

Your logo and subtitle glitch quickly onto the screen.

Breaking News - Red

Nothing says "Breaking News" like a red spinning globe!

Quick Break Title

Your text shattered into a million pieces (pieces may vary).

Static Macro - Logo

A pulsating wireframe terrain shows off your logo and two titles.

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