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New Category: Slideshows (+ New Templates for December 2021)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I really struggled with what to call this category. Galleries, Montage, Photography. I had all of those at one point before settling on Photography. It's a pretty good description of what you need to use the category, but I was missing the glaringly obvious name: Slideshows. After doing some keyword research to set up a category page, I realized no one is really searching for "animated photo maker" or "photography intro maker" -- people search for "slideshow maker." I'm going back and renaming a bunch of things, and rather than leave up a bunch of old links I'll be updating this post to the now-live nomenclature.

There was a single slideshow template (Summertime Slideshow) on the site when I took it over in 2018. That template has always performed well, but it's taken me years to finally get around to adding a slideshows category. I have three main filters in the main nav: categories, duration, and customizations.

Categories are hand-picked by me when I create a video, but the other two types are driven by metadata. From a metadata point of view, a logo and a photo (or a background image, like in Image Vortex - Logo) are both just image uploads. Slideshows or photography aren't really a "category" in the same sense that Sports or Gaming are descriptive of the video theme. If you upload gaming pictures, it's a gaming slideshow! If you upload travel photos, it's a travel slideshow! If you upload your wedding photos into a video template, it's now a wedding slideshow.

Slideshows are a bit hard to describe in my current schema, but I'm going to stick with "category" for now. I've got some thoughts about how I could tag the different image types in metadata (which would mean rebuilding templates again...), but I'm not ready to act on that just yet.

Template Updates

I powered through the remaining templates, which means every video and preview image on the site should now be using the updated Intro Maker branding (minus a few alternative style shots I need to go fill in). Next up: I want to rethink the watermark I'm using (or possibly get rid of it entirely) and give all of the site's social channels a facelift.

New Videos for December 2021

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Colorful Slideshow

A colorful photo gallery with a logo and subtitle reveal.

Vintage Slideshow

Four photos drop onto an old timey background with a logo and subtitle.

Scifi Hex Slideshow

Four of your photos against a scifi hex background with a logo and subtitle.

Clean Corporate Slideshow

A clean white photo gallery with four photos, your logo, and a subtitle.

Quick Slideshow

Eight photos slide around and reveal your logo and subtitle.

Quick Flash Slideshow

Nine rapid-fire photos leading into a logo and subtitle.

Quick Cut Slideshow

Eight sliced photos, your logo, and a subtitle.

Dynamic Slideshow

Eight photos slide intro place with your logo at the beginning and end.

Retrowave Neon Wall Logo

Your logo and subtitle with neon retro awesomeness.

Retrowave Neon Wall Circle Logo

Your circular logo with neon retro awesomeness.

Retrowave Neon Wall Text

Your text with neon retro awesomeness.

Computer Chip Logo

Your logo on a glowing blue computer chip.

Computer Chip Text

Your title and subtitle on a glowing blue computer chip.

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