November Updates

IntroCave Updates

Last month was a little bit hectic, so I'm due for a few chill months.

Minor Content Updates + New Videos for November 2021

These updates are going to look pretty similar for the next few months. After a massive set of changes over the summer (new render architecture, 4k videos, subscriptions, domain migration, email system overhaul), I'm ready to slow down and play catch-up on my more relaxed TODOs.

Over the second half of October, I updated around 100 video templates to use the new Intro Maker branding. There are around 200 more to go, so that in itself might take a couple of months. That's just the first item on my laundry list of updates needed to fully say that Intro Maker is now 100% transitioned from IntroCave.

I'm gathering data on both the 4K videos and subscription plans as people use them, and I'm aiming to roll out some pricing/structure tweaks at the beginning of next year (theoretically, after I take the "beta" tag off of this new domain).

New Videos for November 2021

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Abstract Glitch Logo

Your logo in an abstract digital dream.

Abstract Glitch Text

Your title in an abstract digital dream.

Digital Loading Logo

Your logo is loading!

Digital Loading Text

Your title is loading!

Golden Show Titles

Your golden titles against a starry background.

Golden Show Hybrid

Three golden titles and a logo.

Watercolor Logo

Your logo covered in paint, with a clean subtitle.

Watercolor Text

Your title covered in paint, with a clean subtitle.

Neon Handheld Gaming Logo

Your logo on a futuristic handheld console.

Neon Handheld Gaming Screen

Replace the whole screen on this futuristic handheld console.

Neon Handheld Gaming Text

Your title on a futuristic handheld console.

it me

IntroCave is a one-person-show operated by Will Hankinson, but it's not 100% accurate to say every word is written by me. Some articles were live on the site when I took over. I hire writers from time to time to work on specific articles. People keep asking me to do guest posts, but I haven't actually seen any relevant submissions yet. "Intro Maker staff" might make a better by-line, but currently that's just me. I've been building digital things for 10+ years now, and some of my favorite projects are posted over at my personal website if you want to take a look!

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