Component Type + New Templates for November

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prompt: "a cybernetic cartoon lemur with various machine parts flying out in a patent diagram"

Component Type + New Templates for November

New Video Type: Component

Most of the video templates on Intro Maker are ready-to-use templates, but I had a customer request come in for a component template. Because Intro Maker doesn't (yet!) support uploading video, adding titles over the top of an existing video requires some extra editing.

The Text Overlay Component is designed to let you render 5 news-style titles that you can overlay on top of your pre-shot video. Just in case you don't know how to do that, I cut together a little tutorial for how I'd do that in Premiere or AfterEffects:

I might do more video walkthroughs and expand that into a bigger feature later. It's a good way to BOTH publish more content on the YouTube channel and expand the content on the video pages.

New Videos for November 2022

I've got 10 new video templates for November (including the 1 component template).

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Text Overlay Component

Text overlay component.

Royal Particle Titles

Rich purple particles with five titles.

Royal Particle Slideshow

Rich purple particle slideshow with eight images and captions.

Scifi Tunnel Titles

Zoom in and out of 5 scifi gates with titles before landing on your logo.

Scifi Tunnel Logo

Zoom in and out of a single scifi gate with your logo inside.

Scifi Tunnel Text

Zoom in and out of a single scifi gate with your text inside.

Bright Lights Logo

Your logo against bright floodlights.

Bright Lights Text

Your title against bright floodlights.

Brushstroke Logo

Your logo is painted repeatedly onto crumpled paper.

Brushstroke Text

Your title is painted repeatedly on to crumpled paper.

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Why Intro Videos?

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