We added 15 new intro videos last week!

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We added 15 new intro videos last week!

That's right, you read that correct. FIFTEEN new videos for you to use for your intros and outros.  We added videos across all categories including our newest category, Holidays! We're planning on adding more in this category over the coming weeks so you can create some perfect holiday intro videos this holiday season. For now, check out Snowy Christmas - Logo and New Years Fireworks.

All the videos are up to our usual high standard, offering both 720 and 1080 FULL HD downloads.  You can easily customize all our intro videos using our simple intro designer tool to pick your own text, images and even audio!

You know we love our particle effects and our new intro videos are no exception, with Dark Particles - Logo and Particle Union - Logo being two of our favorites from the new batch of videos.

We also tried something a little different with our Fast Music intro video and the new Graffiti Flip - Logo intro, why not take a look and tell us if you like them?

That's it for now, stay tuned as we're constantly adding more videos each week.

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