Two New Intro Videos Added!

Intro Maker Updates Video / Animation

Two New Intro Video Templates Added!

We're pleased to announce two new Youtube Intro Video templates added to IntroCave! These new additions represent the exciting future we have lined up for you, with new videos added regularly.

Smokey Reveal - Logo

Modern Metro - Logo

Smokey Reveal

Smokey Reveal is an intro video designed to be dramatic and impactful. It has two areas for text and a logo, all of which can be customized to suit your channel or business video. The initial text has a grain effect that comes together to form your initial words, usually a business or channel name is best here. After that, your logo will flicker into view and a tagline can be added below as well. All of this is set on a dark smokey backdrop with intense music. Great for Youtube Gaming channels as well as other creative uses.

Modern Metro

Modern Metro is a modern take on a simple intro video. It has one main area for text and one area for your logo. Both areas are highlighted with modern line animations and set on a cityscape backdrop. The slide-in text and the snappy animations make for a modern intro video, perfect for your business or music video channel.

Both videos start at $4.99 and are super easy to customize using our intro designer software. Why not customize Smokey Reveal or customize Modern Metro now?

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Intro Maker Updates Video / Animation

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