The 7 Best Video Hosting Sites

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The 7 Best Video Hosting Sites

When you’re looking for a website for video hosting, the first site that usually comes to mind is YouTube; it’s well-known, easy to access, and has enough regular users that you probably feel much safer using it than any other site. In this article, we aim to expand your knowledge of the video hosting sites that are readily available for you to use, and the importance of an intro maker.  


Since we’ve already mentioned it, let’s start with YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video hosting website around, with over 1.5 billion users logging in and using their accounts every month. Some popular YouTubers have even made a living off of their vlogging careers, meaning that their content is getting them enough revenue that they don’t need to work on anything other than their content. Every good YouTuber has a YouTube intro video made with a YouTube intro maker, so if you’re going with YouTube, you might find it handy to have a YouTube video maker at your fingertips.


Dailymotion has been around a little while now; over a decade, in fact. It’s not as popular as YouTube, but it still has 2 billion in-streams per month, and 3 billion video views per month across its users. Its layout is fairly user-friendly, and like YouTube, it’s free to use. Users with popular channels tend to use a video intro maker and an outro maker for their content.


Vimeo and Dailymotion are typically mentioned within the same breath when people are talking about video hosting websites. Their colour schemes and layouts are similar, and Vimeo came to life a mere year before Dailymotion did. Like Dailymotion and YouTube, Vimeo is also free to use, and you can customise your logo with logo animation.


Wistia is a little different to the sites we’ve already mentioned. It’s a professional video hosting website for businesses to use, and is the go-to software provider for creative video marketers who are looking to expand their businesses. With a site like Wistia, you’ll want to remain completely professional, which means investing in a custom intro maker, and looking into an outro maker, too.


Like Wistia, SproutVideo provides businesses with a video hosting solution. Both Wistia and SproutVideo are paid hosting sites, but they are affordable to use. SproutVideo offers a free, 14-day trial for all of its new users looking to impress their business clients with clean, professional videos.


Flickr is primarily known as an image site, but you’d be surprised how often its users upload videos onto their platform. Flickr’s video hosting abilities are seriously underrepresented, but with a Flickr Pro account, you can have an unlimited number of images and videos on your account. The only downside is the limit of 90 seconds for videos.


Finally, there’s Facebook. Facebook became one of the fastest growing social platforms around. Facebook allows you to create your own person page, add images, video content, and actionable buttons to better promote yourself and your business.

With any of these innovative video hosting sites, you’ll be able to easily create a following online by putting in the necessary effort needed to create stunning videos.

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