9 Creative Video Intro Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out

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9 Creative Video Intro Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out

There are a few reasons why you should start your video with an intro. First and foremost, it's the best place to grab your audience's attention and set the tone for the rest of the video; it's also a great opportunity to introduce your topic or theme. If you're new to creating intros, here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Use animation or motion graphics

Animation or motion graphics are a great way to add a creative and visually appealing element to your intro. You can use it to convey information, set the scene, or enhance a quote or statistic—whatever you want! That's basically every template here, but the template below remains my best-seller:

Streaks - Logo

One of my best-sellers, now updated with an (optional) subtitle.

2. Incorporate a unique font

There's never a shortage of fonts to choose from. But if you want something that's unique and will stand out, consider using a decorative font for the intro.

You can use an unusual design element like this throughout your video, or simply use it as the first thing viewers see when they open up your video. If you're looking for some ideas on how to incorporate unique fonts into your intro and/or video, here's a great example of a template with multiple font choices:

Smoke Explosion Text

Smoke explodes to reveal your title in a dingy action shot.

3. Use a story or anecdote

A great way to engage viewers is by telling a story. You can share an anecdote from your own life, or use a relatable example from another person. The story can be about something that happened to you, and it could also just be made up for the purpose of introducing your topic.

It's important that the story has some emotional impact on the viewer, whether that's nostalgia or curiosity. When I have time, I like to open my videos with a short story about something in my life that relates directly to what I'm talking about (like how I got into filmmaking or why I love improv). That helps me connect with people watching my videos, as well as setting the tone for what we're going to discuss next.

4. Use a stunning visual or graphic

A video introduction can be an effective way to make your content stand out from the crowd. A high-quality, visually striking image or graphic is a great way to start things off on the right foot. It can also incorporate motion graphics or animation to enhance the visual, setting the scene and conveying information in a visually appealing way.

5. Use a controversial statement

A controversial statement can be a great way to grab your viewer's attention, spark their interest and draw them in. It's also a very effective way to introduce a topic or issue. You can use this strategy to communicate your stance on an issue or convey a strong opinion that you feel passionately about.

However, it's important to keep in mind that using this type of opening may alienate some of your audience members and turn them off from watching the rest of your video—so only use it if you're okay with that risk!

6. Include a call to action

One of the most common mistakes that people make when creating video intros is to forget about the call-to-action. A call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to viewers, urging them to take a specific action.

Including a CTA in your intro provides an opportunity for you to prompt viewers to do something after watching the video. Using this method, you can encourage them to visit a website or follow your social media channels or share the video with their friends.

This template is purpose built for making a "Like & Subscribe" CTA:

Like And Subscribe Logo

Ask for likes in style with this fly-through digital grid of like buttons (logo version).

7. Use a famous quote

A famous quote is a great way to start off your video. It can be used as a hook to keep the viewer engaged and it also sets the tone or conveys the message of your video. If you're feeling creative, try choosing an inspirational quote from one of your favorite authors or poets. The famous status of these individuals will make them more relatable and make viewers remember what they've just watched. You can also use quotes from historical figures if you want to convey a sense of importance or gravitas to your piece. Here's a great quote template you can use:

Cool Quote With Headshot Colored

Quote template with a headshot and author attribution (colorful version).

8. Use humor

Humor helps you connect with the viewer on a deeper level. For example, if you're talking about an important issue like climate change, it might not be appropriate to make fun of it (unless you're using sarcasm). So instead of making fun of global warming itself, try making jokes about how politicians will respond when some people start blaming cold weather on it (and then maybe mention how silly that sounds).

9. Use a case study or testimonial

Case studies and testimonials are great tools for demonstrating the effectiveness of your product or service. You can also use them to introduce a topic if you don't want to dive right in, or to show that what you're talking about has been tried and tested by others.

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